Product List

We have a variety of products available including products for major food manufacturers,
industry professionals, or even products that are aimed for individual consumers sold at large super markets.
On top of this, we provide well-thought-out products that adds “Great tasting accent” in everything we sell.

Frozen Ginger Paste

You may select from either grated, paste or minced types. By defrosting, you may use it in kombucha, dressings, sauce, gyoza or seasonings. The main feature of this product is its flavorful and clean aroma of freshly grated and processed ginger

Vinegar Pickled / Salt Pickled Ginger

You may select from either sliced or fine strips. By pickling it with vinegar or salt, these are great for sushi condiments, rice accompaniment, or with beef bowls.

Other frozen products (chive / Yuzu (citrus junos) / garlic)

Pastes of chives, citrus junos and garlic, or sliced garlic, are available. These are great for gyoza, dressing, okonomiyaki, Korean style pancakes, or Yuzu pound cakes.

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